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2011 season

02/23/2011 14:43
      The 2011 reenacting season is upon us and this is  going to be the start of something wonderful. It is also the start of the 150th anniversery of tthe Civil War. There are going to be some amazing events taking place all over the eastern part of the United States 

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02/22/2011 13:17
 At the outset of the war a number of Marylanders from Baltmore City and the Eastern Shore crossed the Potomac and made their way to Fredericksburg. Many of the men had been members of the Charles County Volunteer Cavalry, and so it was decided among them that they should form a company of...

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02/21/2011 13:07
 APR 15-17          Ft Delaware    May 7-8              Carroll County Farm Museum  May  14-15         New Market  May 30                Memorial Day...
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